UPDATED 12/8/22

-Sunday Worship. We invite you to join us in-person for one of our two Sunday services. Alpha and Omega services are both in-person while we live-stream our Omega Service. Alpha is geared towards those who are serving in different ways during Omega Service. This Sunday, P.DL will continue our Advent sermon series entitled, “Behold.” Chelsea Han and others will lead us in praise, Jane Chang will be presiding, and Sugie Mullins will be sharing a testimony from Three-Strand Prayer. Please pray for all who worship and all who serve and lead us. May we give our very best to the Lord. 

Remember that all are welcome to join us at 10:10 AM each Sunday morning in the cafe for a time of heart-check in prayer. Let’s come prayerful and hungry and ready to give God our 100% worship. Let’s not be distracted and let’s prepare well for what God is doing in us. 

-Sunday Morning Prayer. All are invited to join in prayer every Sunday in the cafe at 10.10am. This will be a time of prayer to turn our hearts to God and to intercede for our Omega Service

-Prayer Meeting. These are times of worship through song, hearing a devotional and spending time in prayer for ourselves, our church, and our world. Prayer time is guided as we pray through different topics of personal need, church-wide intercession and world concern.

-Advent Morning Prayer. We will continue in-person morning prayer gatherings for Advent this Saturday at 6am. Advent Morning Prayer takes place every Saturday until Christmas Eve in our conference room. Each week, a shepherd, pastor, or other leader will be sharing thoughts to lead us to prepare for Advent / Christmas. After some time of personal prayer, a song will be sung before the devotional. Attendees are welcome to pray as long as they would like before dismissing themselves. Prayer meeting will take place in the Harvest conference room. Doors will open at 5.45am and personal prayer is encouraged until 6.10.

-Newcomers Lunch. This Sunday, December 11, there is a lunch for all newcomers who began coming in the second half of 2022, or for those who have never attended a newcomers lunch. It will take place after Omega Service. RSVP here

-Christmas and New Year Services. Please note the two All-Campus Worship Services that we will be having to end the year: 

Christmas Day at 12.15pm

Sunday, December 25: All-Campus Family Christmas Presentation Service AFTER OMEGA SERVICE in the Vision Sanctuary

8:30 Alpha Service

10:30 Omega Service

12:15 Celebration Service - All-Campus Service of Presentations in the Vision Sanctuary

13:15: Lunch   

New Year’s Eve at 7pm

Saturday, December 31: All-Campus New Year’s Eve Worship Service in the Vision Sanctuary

7pm: Rice Cake Soup

7.30pm: Year-in-Review Slideshow

8pm: End of the Year Worship Service (Vision and Harvest and Kingdom Keepers in the Vision Sanctuary)

-Christmas Volunteers. There are opportunities to serve on Christmas Day through food and dance. Food A light lunch will be served after our all-campus Christmas Celebration service. Ten people who would like to help with food prep can talk to Yoo Jin Hwang (hwangyj86@gmail.com) or sign up on this sheet here or copy and paste this link: https://forms.gle/GeyVhecHp7cMqPxp8 A QR code will be available on Sunday for anyone who would like to scan and sign up that way. Dance On Christmas Day, after Omega Service, there will be an all-campus service of presentations from Kingdom Keepers, Vision Church and Harvest. If you would like to be part of a dance, talk to Mimi Lanot (mophanylanot@yahoo.com)

-End of Year Presentation. Every year, there is a slideshow presentation of God’s faithfulness in the past year. This is shown first at our New Year’s Eve worship service. If you have pictures or you would like to help out, please talk to Veronica Ng (ng.veronica854@gmail.com) or Sammie Chou (sam.chou208@gmail.com). Videos can also be recorded sharing memories from his year. Talk to Alex Pak for more info at apak407@gmail.com

-Modular Building. There will be a public hearing THIS THURSDAY at 6pm at Bridgewater Middle School’s Media Center, located at 5600 Tiny Rd, Winter Garden. 

This is an opportunity for the public to comment on why this project should or should not be allowed, as we need a special zoning exception to place a modular on our property. It will be helpful for Harvesters to be present to show their support of this project. Based on the outcome of this meeting, there will be a hearing on January 6, 2023 with the Board of Zoning Adjustments, who will then make a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners. The BCC will vote on January 24. 

-Serving Breakfast. Some of our servants arrive early on Sunday morning to lead our church in worship by serving at Alpha and Omega services. If you would like to serve breakfast for about 10-15 servants, please talk to Jaime Fan or Eugene Kwak . You can serve as a one-time deal or on a regular basis. You can sign up on the doc here.

-Support Ukraine. The situation in Ukraine remains dire. While dying down in the news, Russia continues its atrocities, perpetuating war crimes and inhumane, indecent acts against the people, including women and children. The church is faithfully standing, shining, and serving, but the atrocities and bloodshed are devastating. Please do not let out of sight be out of mind. As we continue to pray for the war in Ukraine, anyone wanting to help in other practical ways can visit our giving page at www.donate.harvestkpco.org - P.Josiah is in contact with a few pastors whose churches are in dire need of support. Any amount helps.

-Join a House Church. Anyone who would like to be placed in a house church can fill out a house church application. There may be a wait time or those interested may be asked to take Harvest 101 before joining a HC: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1lQIQEnM6mClWyVNEMyTIa0VepkBL4G5ZTJVEPkRtW1Q/edit?ts=611fab7a

A church’s purpose is to make disciples by connecting with unbelievers, bringing the gospel to them, welcoming them into the church, and then teaching them to obey the teaching of Christ. Disciples will then repeat that cycle with others. The New Testament Church did this as they met in homes where believers were discipled and non-believers experienced the power of the gospel lived out. We are not a church WITH house churches; we are a church OF house churches. House churches are the heartbeat of our congregation. They look inward, upward, and outward and go hand-in-hand with Sunday worship and our spiritual formation classes (Harvest 101, 201, etc.) as the 3-axes of our ministry. To get plugged in, talk to Rick Terrell (rickalo801@gmail.com)

Youth and Children Ministry News

 -SNF. SNF is our youth ministry’s main event and while it typically takes place on campus at 6pm, this week SNF will begin at 5pm for their Christmas party. Come in your Christmas pajamas. the family group with the most matching outfits will win a wonderful prize. There will be games, movies, treats, and more. Come and bring a friend.  For more info on our youth ministry or if you would like to receive youth ministry-related emails, email our youth pastor Josiah at jsc4fd@virginia.edu

SNF is a time for youth to come in a laid-back yet intentional atmosphere of seeking God and loving others. Please join our Slack channel and come to SNF with your friends prayerfully and expectantly. Those attending SNF should bring their own water bottles and a Bible and journal and writing utensil to SNF. Please keep these times in prayer