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The ministries of Harvest are based around 8 teams (Facilities, Education, Fellowship, House Church, Missions, Pastoral Support, Women, Worship). Read about them here and sign up below to serve.

How do I know which ministry task and team I am suitable for?

(1) Commit yourself to a ministry that is constantly on your heart. For example, If you recognize that a faucet is leaking, and you think, “Why doesn't anyone fix this?” consider that your burden and your calling. You are the one God has called to fix the faucet! 

(2) Choose a ministry that you want to learn over the next 3 years so that you can become an expert. Even if you don’t know how or what to do, three years of practice can make you an expert in that area! 

(3) Choose a ministry that does not currently have a leader or that doesn't have a lot of volunteers. Along the way, you can discover that a new love or some new giftings! 

(4) Choose a ministry based on your SHAPE (spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality, and experiences). You will find joy and purpose as you serve the Lord in this way!

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