UPDATED 3/16/23

-Sunday Worship. We invite you to join us in-person for one of our two Sunday services. Alpha and Omega services are both in-person while we live-stream our Omega Service. Alpha is geared towards those who are serving in different ways during Omega Service. This Sunday, our youth pastor, Josiah Cha, will preach the next sermon in our sermon series called, “Peace Be With You” as we ask, “If God promises us peace, why am i so rejected?” We will hear a testimony from Sally Hur as she shares about Harvest 201. Please pray for all of our worshippers, as well as our leaders, including PDL, Sally, Chelsea Han, and our praise leaders, and our presider, P.DL. Let’s come and give our very best to the Lord. 

-Lent Morning Prayer. Lent is a time to prepare for Holy Week by surrendering some things to God and incorporating other things into your life. One of the ways that we are seeking more intentionality throughout Lent is by meeting for Saturday morning prayer. Doors will open at 5.45am where you can quietly pray on your own At 6.05, we will sing a song, look at a passage of Scripture together, meditate on it, share thoughts together, and then spend personal time in prayer. Come and be blessed as we prepare our hearts to remember the passion and suffering of our Savior. 
-333 Prayer. We are in the midst of a new prayer initiative this year. Every day, we will seek to pray for 3 prayer topics (our church, your house church/family, and personal/family) for 3 minutes, 3 times a day. Harvesters will pray for these prayer topics for six months, before submitting new requests for the second half of the year. The aim is that we would develop a daily habit of praying at least three times a day. Every week, more people join our prayer initiative in efforts to be a church that is devoted to prayer. It’s never too late to join us and never too late to submit prayer requests via email or via the 333 forms in the main hallway and the cafe. Turn them in each Sunday at the cafe and join PDL who will be praying for these requests along with you.

-Becoming a Child of God. A make-up class of BCG will be held THIS SUNDAY at 12.30pm. Anyone who would like to hear the Gospel and respond to it can join. 

Starting in April, the class will be offered the first Sunday of every month so that anyone wanting to hear the Gospel and respond to it can do so. 

-Baptism/Confirmation. Classes continue this Sunday from 2-330pm in our conference room for all who would like to be baptized or confirmed. Participants should come prepared for their quest and have testimonies ready to be shared on Sunday. Anyone who missed the first class and has not yet done so should email P.DL. 

-Harvest 101. Sign up for our “Meet Harvest” class are now open. You can sign up in the cafe or at our welcome table after services. There is no commitment to take the class but the three-class seminar is required for those wanting to become members or to serve in various ministries. Classes will be held in April after Omega Service

-Spring Cleaning. On April 1, we will have an all-campus cleaning day. There will be many opportunities to steward our church property. Join for morning prayer at 6am, eat breakfast at 7, and start cleaning around 7.30-8am. Lunch will be served at noon. Talk to Aaron Hines or Eugene Kwak for more information.

-Modular. The Board of County Commissioners approved our plan for a modular meeting. Approval from the county is valid for three years. Please remain prayerful for the modular building committee and the process as we also consider alternative options in addition to the purchase of a modular building.

-Join a House Church. Anyone who would like to be placed in a house church can fill out a house church application here. There may be a wait time or those interested may be asked to take Harvest 101 before joining a HC

A church’s purpose is to make disciples by connecting with unbelievers, bringing the gospel to them, welcoming them into the church, and then teaching them to obey the teaching of Christ. Disciples will then repeat that cycle with others. The New Testament Church did this as they met in homes where believers were discipled and non-believers experienced the power of the gospel lived out. We are not a church WITH house churches; we are a church OF house churches. House churches are the heartbeat of our congregation. They look inward, upward, and outward and go hand-in-hand with Sunday worship and our spiritual formation classes (Harvest 101, 201, etc.) as the 3-axes of our ministry. To get plugged in, talk to Rick Terrell (rickalo801@gmail.com)

Youth Ministry Announcements

-SNF. SNF is our youth ministry’s main event and it takes place on campus starting at 6pm. This week at SNF, our ministry intern, Haesu Shin will be leading a Bible Study with our youth. Talk to your teacher for more information and read P.Josiah’s weekly youth email for updated info. Be sure to check your Slack for real time updates on this weekend’s SNF, as well as other important youth news

SNF is a time for youth to come out and enjoy an intentional atmosphere of seeking God and loving others. Please join our Slack channel and come to SNF with your friends prayerfully and expectantly. Those attending SNF should bring their own water bottles and a Bible and journal and writing utensil to SNF. Please keep these times in prayer. For more info on our youth ministry or if you would like to receive youth ministry-related emails, email our youth pastor Josiah at jsc4fd@virginia.edu